NovaChem Laboratories retains NELAC certification and state approvals for the measurement of ClO2-, ClO3-, Br- and BrO3- in drinking water.

NovaChem participates in a USEPA certified Proficiency Testing (PT) program for the analysis of chlorite, chlorate, bromide and bromate ions.

The PT program is certified to meet the following requirements:

Accredited by NIST according to the National Voluntary Laboratory Accreditation Program for Chemical Calibrations: Providers of Proficiency Testing.

The PT program is certified to meet all requirements as specified in the USEPA National Standards for Water Proficiency Testing Program Criteria Document (NERL-Ci-0045).

The analytical methods submitted for proficiency testing are USEPA Method 300.1 and 317-CLP Detection.

Demonstration of Method Capabilities

  MDL (ug/L) Mean Recovery (%) RSD (%)
ClO2- 0.3 98 0.4
ClO3- 0.5 100 2.4
Br- 0.4 105 1.9
BrO3- 0.6 110 9.2